Our Rules

A ‘munch’ (derived from the term “burger munch” ) is nothing more than a casual social gathering for people already involved, and for those new and interested in the BDSM lifestyle.  Munches often take place at local restaurants, taverns, or coffee shops.  Depending upon the size of the group, the organizers will reserve a large table, a private room, or the entire venue if needed. Guests are welcome to arrive and leave anytime they want.

Munches are meant to help those who are new or curious about BDSM to meet other like-minded people face-to-face. It is an opportunity to become more comfortable and better informed about the local BDSM lifestyle community in a safe, public, pressure free environment.  Munches are also a place where people may seek advice, ask questions, make friends, and discuss anecdotes about personal BDSM experiences.

Most groups and social gatherings maintain some rules in order to provide for a safe and comfortable social environment for all guests who attend.  The rules for some groups are stricter than for others.  The following are the St Charles Munch rules.

  • The minimum age to attend is eighteen (18)
  • The minimum age to order or consume alcohol is twenty-one (21)
  • The St Charles Munch does not discriminate based upon age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or chosen lifestyle.
  • The St Charles Munch is considered a ‘private’ social gathering. It is held in a restaurant reserved exclusively for our group. The Host(s) reserve the right to dis-invite or deny access to any individual, for any reason, without warning or explanation.
  • The St Charles Munch is primarily for people who are involved in, or interested in learning about BDSM – including, but not limited to, power exchange relationships, D/s, M/s, sadomasochism, and bondage.
  • The St Charles Munch is NOT a place to ‘hook-up’ or a ‘swingers’ event. Obvious ‘trollers’ shall be warned or ejected* from the premises.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the dress code is casual and appropriate for a local restaurant or sports bar establishment.
  • Appropriate behavior is expected by all attendees. Please treat everyone with all due respect, courtesy, kindness and politeness.
  • Please do not discuss any subject matter regarding ‘kink’ or BDSM with the waitresses or with any of the ‘vanilla’ customers outside of our reserved area.*
  • No advertising, soliciting, recruiting or promoting of any business or product. This includes, but is not limited to recruiting or luring prospective ‘customers’ to tour a business or try a product. Exceptions may be made only with the approval of the Hosts.
  • If anyone inquires about our group, either refer them to one of the Hosts or say, “we are a dinner social group”.
  • If you ‘run a tab’, please do not neglect to pay your bill prior to leaving the munch.
  • If your server provides good service, please tip them generously.
  • Please drink alcohol responsibly. Anyone found to be unruly, drunk or inebriated will be ejected*.
  • Although we respect the Missouri State ‘Open Carry’ law, we ask that no firearms be brought to the munch. Anyone openly carrying a firearm will be ejected*.
  • In order to protect the privacy of all attendees, please do not distribute any type of flyers, leaflets or invitations pertaining to kink, BDSM or the Lifestyle.
  • We ask that you report any problems, complaints or concerns directly and immediately to one of the hosts in order that appropriate action may be taken.
  • A violation of the St Charles Munch Rules may result in either (1) a verbal warning, (2) ejection*, (3) or any other action deemed appropriate by the Host(s).  A serious or repetitive rule violation may result in being disallowed from attending any future munches.
  • As a matter of reciprocity and concern for the safety, comfort and enjoyment of all attendees, individuals who are known to have violated the rules of any other munches, events or social gatherings may be prohibited from attending the St Charles munch. If you believe this rule might pertain you, contact the Host(s) prior to RSVP’ing or attending.
  • Individuals identified as persistent or known trollers, trouble makers, predators, abusers, consent violators, outers, or felony sex offenders are prohibited from attending the St Charles Munch.  You are urged to contact the hosts, privately and in writing, prior to attending the St Charles Munch if you believe this rule may pertain to you.
  • The decision of the Host(s) are final. This is a private party, not a democracy. Our house, our rules™

* Ejection: (1) The act of quietly and discreetly being asked to leave with as little notice or embarrassment as possible; (2) The act of physically being escorted out of an establishment by the bouncer, if necessary;  (3) The act of being physically removed by security or law enforcement, as a last resort.